The text for this lesson is 2 Kings 2:1-14

Key Points

  • God worked through the horses, the chariots of fire, and the whirlwind that carried Elijah to heaven to reassure and bless Elisha so he could boldly serve as God’s prophet. God works through the Means of Grace—Word and Sacrament—to strengthen our faith and bless us in our service to Him as we serve our neighbor.
  • Law: Like Elisha, I am sinful and doubt my abilities to serve where God calls me.
  • Gospel: God works through the Means of Grace—Word and Sacrament—to forgive my doubt and reveal that He is with me and to grant me the ability to serve wherever He calls me.

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Discussion Points

  1. What do we call a man today with a special calling to preach God’s Word and administer Sacraments?
  2. Why was God about to take Elijah up to heaven?
  3. Why did Elisha not want to leave Elijah?
  4. Of what does the parting of the water in 2 Kings 2:8 remind you?
  5. What did Elisha want from Elijah?
  6. Why did Elisha tear his clothes?
  7. Was Elisha’s prayer answered?
  8. How did God use the whirlwind (the natural element) to help Elisha know God’s plan of salvation?
  9. Of whom does Elijah’s ascent into heaven remind you?
  10. What does that mean for us?
  11. Why is this story of Elijah’s miraculous departure from earth in the Bible for us to read today?

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