Delivered, Lesson 1: Jesus Welcomes the Children

The text for this lesson is Matthew 19:13–15; Luke 18:15–17. Key Point We are all needy because of sin, but Jesus welcomes people of all ages and blesses us with His love and forgiveness. Law: Because of my sin, I am helpless and needy and can do nothing to save myself. Gospel: Jesus works through … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 6: John Tells People to Repent

The text for this lesson is Matthew 3:1–12. Key Point John calls all of us sinners to repent and points us to the true Savior. Law: I sinfully see no need for repentance. Gospel: When I confess my sins, I acknowledge that I have offended God by failing to fear, love, and trust in Him … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 2: Jesus Gives the Great Comission

The text for this lesson is Matthew 28:16–20. Key Point Jesus instructs His followers to baptize in the name of the triune God. Law: Baptism without the name of the triune God is not a true Baptism. Gospel: Through Baptism, God puts His name on me and makes me part of His family. Context The … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 3: Peter Preaches on Pentecost

The text for this lesson is Acts 2:22–24, 36–41. Key Point Through Peter’s bold proclamation of the Gospel and God’s gift of Baptism, God brought many to faith, forgiving their sins for Jesus’ sake and giving them eternal life. Law: My sins crucified Jesus. Gospel: Through His Word and Baptism, God washes away my sins … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 4: Paul Baptizes the Philippian Jailer

The text for this lesson is Acts 16:25–34. Key Point God’s gift of Baptism is for believers of all ages. Law: Because of sin, there is nothing I, or anyone, can do to earn salvation or come to God. Gospel: God gives me and all people, young and old, the gift of Baptism, through which … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 5: Ananias Baptizes Saul

The text for this lesson is Acts 9:10–22. Key Point Through Baptism, God removes our sin. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live as God’s children. Law: I sinfully deny Baptism’s ability to change hearts and lives. Gospel: Through Baptism, I receive complete forgiveness and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Context Far from leaving … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 7: Jesus Forgives a Woman

The text for this lesson is John 8:1–11. Key Point God forgives our sins and leads us to live a new life in Him. Law: I sin when I ignore Christ’s forgiveness and continue in my sin. Gospel: Christ forgives me completely and strengthens me through the Holy Spirit to leave my life of sin. … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 8: Jesus Appears to the Disciples

The text for this lesson is John 20:19–23. Key Point Jesus empowers His servants to forgive or withhold forgiveness. Law: I sin when I doubt the forgiveness given through the Church. Gospel: Christ Himself gives complete forgiveness in the words of Absolution spoken by my pastor. Context The disciples had good reason to remain behind … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 9: Jesus Teaches about Forgiveness

The text for this lesson is Matthew 18:15–20. Key Point Jesus teaches us how the church should deal with sin and sinners. Law: I sinfully seek revenge rather than repentance. Gospel: God promises forgiveness through His Word and empowers me to show love for and forgive those in my church family. Context Before leaving Galilee, … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 10: Jesus Gives the Lord’s Supper

The text for this lesson is Matthew 26:26–29; Mark 14:22–25; Luke 22:14–23. Key Point In, with, and under bread and wine, Jesus shares His very body and blood with His followers. Law: I betray my Lord when I sin. Gospel: Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. With … Continue Reading