The text for this lesson is Joshua 3:1-4:24

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Discussion Points

  1. What did God point Joshua to that would help him to be a good leader?
  2. God commands Joshua, who then commands Israel, and they obey the command. God tells Joshua that when the people see the miracle they will know that the Lord is with Joshua just as He was with Moses. Why is that important?
  3. What is significant about the twelve men chosen to carry the memorial stones and the purpose for building this sign?
  4. Why did Joshua set up twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan in the place where the priests had stood?
  5. Why did God miraculously heap the Jordan River? Couldn’t He have told the people to build rafts or boats or engineer a bridge?
  6. What is the message of the twelve stones?
  7. How is the crossing of the Jordan similar to the crossing of the Red Sea?
  8. How does this miraculous passing through the Jordan River point us to the New Testament and into our time?
  9. On what did God constantly have the children of Israel focus? Why is that important?
  10. On what does God constantly have us focus for our salvation?

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