The text for this lesson is 1 Kings 18


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Discussion Points

  1. God had hidden Elijah for three years, but now God commanded him to appear before Ahab. Why?
  2. Why was Obadiah afraid to take Elijah to Ahab?
  3. What did Ahab call Elijah? Why?
  4. What did Elijah tell Ahab to do?
  5. Were the prophets of Baal up to the challenge?
  6. What was Elijah’s prayer?
  7. Did he pray for fire?
  8. Which commandment did God’s people break in the story?
  9. Who or what might be a Baal for people today?
  10. What is idolatry?
  11. When do we commit idolatry?
  12. What does it mean to fear, love, and trust God?

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