The text for this lesson is 2 Kings 5:1-14

Key Points

  • God poured His grace on Naaman, telling him to wash in the Jordan so that he would be cleansed of his disease. He pours His grace on us through water and His Word in Holy Baptism and cleanses us from our greatest sickness—sin. God cares for us and has power to heal our diseases according to His will.
  • Law: As Naaman was sick with leprosy, so I am sick with sin.
  • Gospel: Because of Jesus, God cares for me and has power to heal my sicknesses according to His will. He pours His grace on me through water and His Word in Holy Baptism and heals my sin-sickness.

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Discussion Points

  1. Why was an Israelite girl living in Naaman’s house in Syria?
  2. Did the dirty Jordan River water wash away Naaman’s sickness? Who healed Naaman? Who heals us?
  3. What sickness do all people suffer from?
  4. How are we cleansed from sin and given saving faith?
  5. How did God use the natural element water to bring about His plan of salvation for Naaman?
  6. Did the river water cleanse or heal Naaman of his sickness? Was it the power of Elisha?
  7. How does baptismal water work forgiveness of sins, rescue from death and the devil, and give eternal salvation?
  8. How did Jesus’ blood cleanse us?

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