The text for this lesson is Genesis 49:29–50:14.

Key Point

  • Jacob requested burial in Canaan, rather than in Egypt, because Canaan was the land to which God had promised to send the One through whom all the families of the earth would be blessed—Jesus (Genesis 12:1–3; 46:2–4).
  • Law: How we deal with death—our own and that of a loved one—can sometimes give a witness of doubt, worry, and fear.
  • Gospel: By God’s grace, comforted with the assurance of our resurrection in Christ, we are able to testify to the hope that is in us.

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Discussion Points

  1. Read Genesis 49:29–33. Why do you suppose Jacob wanted to be buried in Canaan?
  2. Read Genesis 50:1–14. What did Jacob’s family do after his death?
  3. Why did Joseph ask permission from Pharaoh to bury his father?
  4. How do we mourn today when someone dies?
  5. How does God help us deal with the thought of our own death and the deaths of people we love? What comfort does Jesus’ death and resurrection give to you?
  6. Read Genesis 24:16–21. How did Rebekah love and serve Abraham’s servant? Why did Rebekah water the servant’s camels?
  7. What truth about eternal life is revealed in John 3:36?
  8. When you are asked to do something difficult, how do you respond? Who has done something very difficult for you?
  9. If we have eternal life now, what happens on the Last Day? See Romans 8:18 and 1 Corinthians 15:52.
  10. How do Jesus’ words in John 11:25–26 provide you comfort and hope?
  11. How did God work through these humans to provide for His people?

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