The text for this lesson is Genesis 24:10–28.

Key Point

  • By moving Rebekah to selfless service (drawing countless gallons of water for a man and his camels), God identified an ancestor of the One who would serve us by His suffering and death.
  • Law: In our sinfulness, we think only of our own convenience and pleasure.
  • Gospel: Jesus’ selfless sacrifice of His life and death (Romans 8:32) gives us all we need and frees us to serve others gladly.

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Discussion Points

  1. Describe God’s activity in the process of selecting a wife for Isaac.
  2. What evidence does the servant receive that his mission to find a wife for Isaac is a success (Genesis 12: 17–20)? What is the servant’s response (Genesis 12:26–27)?
  3. God had promised many descendants to Abraham (Genesis 15:1–21), including the Savior. Isaac was the son through whom this would happen. The selection of a suitable wife was an important job for this servant. How did the servant love and serve his master, Abraham? How do we know that he trusted in the Lord?
  4. In what way or ways did the servant serve his master, Abraham?
  5. Both Abraham and his servant demonstrated faith that God would provide the help they needed for all details of life. Which act of faith most amazes you?
  6. Read Genesis 24:16–21. How did Rebekah love and serve Abraham’s servant? Why did Rebekah water the servant’s camels?
  7. How did God work through the humans in the Bible story to show His love?
  8. When you are asked to do something difficult, how do you respond? Who has done something very difficult for you?
  9. Read Martin Luther’s explanation of the Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer. What is your daily bread? God works through the vocations of others to care for us. Give examples of how people are “daily bread.”
  10. Just as Rebekah welcomed the servant who had traveled a long distance to serve his master, Abraham, God gives us many people who serve us through hospitality—making us feel welcome and comfortable away from home. Who are some of these workers? How can you show God’s love to these people?

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