The text for this lesson is 1 Samuel 16:11; 17:32–35; Psalm 23.

Key Point

  • While David tended his flock, the Lord was David’s shepherd—protecting him, leading him, and providing for him.
  • Law: Many jobs involve real danger, and though we are often unaware of it, Satan has the power to do us harm at any moment.
  • Gospel: Our Good Shepherd walks with us even through the valley of the shadow of death, assuring us that no matter what evil we encounter, He will defend us into eternal life.

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Discussion Points

  1. What confidence did David have while defending his flock? In what ways was God David’s shepherd?
  2. Read Genesis 50:1–14. What did Jacob’s family do after his death?
  3. Describe the importance of the vocation of shepherd in ancient society. Why is the image of a shepherd an appropriate analogy to describe God? How is Jesus the “Good Shepherd”?
  4. How is David a preview of Jesus? (see 1 Samuel 16:11–13)
  5. Agriculture and animal husbandry are significant industries in North America. God works through those engaged in these vocations as they serve the Lord by producing food products and natural fiber products—wool, cotton, flax (linen), and leather for clothing for the people in their own country and in other parts of the world. What dangers might people in these vocations face?
  6. Many jobs involve real danger, and, though we are often unaware of it, Satan has the power to do us harm at any moment. What are our greatest enemies? What confidence do we have while living our daily lives?
  7. What additional insights about the Good Shepherd do you find in Psalm 23?

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