The text for this lesson is 1 Samuel 18:1–4; 19:1–7; 20:1–42; 2 Samuel 1:17–27.

Key Point

  • Rather than being jealous that God had chosen David to be king and ancestor of the Messiah, Jonathan accepted God’s plan and befriended David.
  • Law: When we see others being honored, we often become jealous.
  • Gospel: In our Baptism into Christ Jesus, God has chosen and honored each of us beyond any human accolades.

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Discussion Points

  1. What prompts Saul’s desire to harm David? (See 1 Samuel 18:8–9, 28–29.)
  2. Why do you think Jonathan wasn’t jealous of David?
  3. Why does God command us not to covet?
  4. How does God use the friendship between David and Jonathan to preserve David’s life? (See 1 Samuel 20:1–42.)
  5. What events demonstrate the depth of Jonathan’s love for David?
  6. Note the contrasting ways in which friends of David showed their love in 1 Samuel 20:1–42 and in 2 Samuel 12:1–14. Discuss situations in which God would want you to display each type of friendship.
  7. Consider for a moment who your best friend is and what unique characteristics belong to that friend. In what way is Jesus our best friend?
  8. Tell how God has demonstrated his love for you in spite of your sin. What does God give us freely that we need more than anything else? To whom does He give these gifts?
  9. How did God work through the humans in this story to provide for His people?

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