The text for this lesson is Mark 14:32–42.

Key Points

  • Carrying the weight of our sins, Jesus journeyed to Gethsemane and prayed to His Father. Because Jesus took our sins upon Himself, we can pray to God, trusting Him to hear and answer our prayers.
  • Law: In sin, I do not do what my heavenly Father wants me to do, and I do not want to pray to Him and seek His will for my life.
  • Gospel: Jesus, God’s Son, willingly suffered and died for me as His Father had planned; now all God’s plans for me are for my good, and His will for me is life eternal.

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Discussion Points

  1. Why did Jesus go to Gethsemane?
  2. What did the disciples go with Jesus?
  3. For whose sin was Jesus preparing to die?
  4. How did Jesus feel about suffering what He knew was coming for Him because of our sin? What does Abba mean?
  5. How did He conclude His prayer?
  6. Where do we speak this petition?
  7. How does this petition reveal our confidence in God’s love?
  8. What did Jesus advise the disciples to do while they waited for Him?
  9. What does the advice of Jesus mean for us?
  10. Who took the consequences for our actions? Who carried the weight of our sin? Who benefits from His death?
  11. Read 14:32–42. The hour was near when the Son of Man would be betrayed into the hands of sinners. The hour was also near when the declarations of Peter (14:31), James, and John (10:38–39) that they would share His suffering were to be tested. What did Jesus do as the hour approached? Three times He interrupted Himself to encourage the three disciples to do the same. Why (14:38)?
  12. The cup Jesus was about to drink filled Him with sorrow to the point of death. What was this “cup” that Jesus refers to in verse 36 (see Isaiah 51:17, 22)?
  13. What did the way Jesus addressed God show about His relationship with Him?
  14. How did Jesus’ prayer show His obedient submission?
  15. How did His words in Mark 14:42 show the same?

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