The text for this lesson is Acts 28:1–16.

Key Points

  • Just as God took care of Paul through the people he encountered as he journeyed to Rome, so God richly and daily provides for us through the people in our lives.
  • Law: My sin causes me to not see that God is the one who does great things for me.
  • Gospel: God forgives my sins because of His Son, enabling me to look to and trust in Him for all things.

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Discussion Points

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the word prisoners? How does one get sent to prison in our society today?
  2. What is unusual about how Paul was treated as a prisoner?
  3. How was this treatment a blessing for Paul?
  4. Why didn’t Paul die when the viper bit him? What was the explanation of the Malta natives?
  5. Were the miracles of healing performed by Paul of his own power?
  6. Who were the “brothers” mentioned in verses 14 and 15?
  7. How were they a blessing to Paul?
  8. How does God provide for us?
  9. How does God come to us?
  10. Where do we find Jesus?

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