The text for this lesson is Nehemiah 12:27–43.

Key Points

  • The children of Israel traveled to Jerusalem to praise and thank God for His greatness and blessing. God shows His greatness by blessing us with the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ, and we, too, are moved to praise and thank Him.
  • Law: Because of my sin, I deserve none of God’s blessings.
  • Gospel: God richly and daily provides for me in this life and will grant me life eternal with Him because of Jesus, who paid for my sins on the cross.

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Discussion Points

  1. Why did the children of Israel journey to Jerusalem and onto the wall to worship? How is this similar to our worship today?
  2. What did the Levites do to prepare for worship? How do we prepare for worship?
  3. What gifts do we receive in God’s Word and the Sacraments?
  4. How does the Levites’ worship compare with our worship today?
  5. Did the children of Israel (or do we) deserve the good gifts that God provides for their (or our) physical well-being? Why does He provide them?
  6. Why did the dedication of the wall bring the people of Israel such great joy (v. 43)?

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