The text for this lesson is Jeremiah 29:1–14; 33:1–16.

Key Points

  • Just as God went with His people and provided for them as they journeyed to the land of exile, so God is with us as we journey through this earthly life, and He will give life forever in heaven to us and all who believe in Him.
  • Law: Because of sin, I face many troubles and hardships as I journey through this life, and I am tempted to doubt God’s love and promises to me.
  • Gospel: God, in Christ, goes with me in this life, sustaining and blessing me through His Word and Sacraments and granting me life forever in heaven.

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Discussion Points

  1. How long would God’s people be in exile in Babylon?
  2. What would happen at the end of seventy years?
  3. What reason did God give for sending His people into exile and allowing Jerusalem to be destroyed? What is His specific promise for Judah and Israel?
  4. How will other people then see Jerusalem?
  5. How does the fulfillment of the prophecy, “A righteous branch to spring up from David” comfort us today?
  6. How are we like the exiled Israelites in our story today? What does God’s message to the people to lead normal lives n Babylon, trusting Him for their future mean for us today?
  7. How is our life on this earth like the exile of Adam and Eve and God’s people in Babylon?
  8. In Jerusalem 33:1–13, Jeremiah describes the new earthly Jerusalem. The place that is now barren will be prosperous and overflowing with life. How does our earthly life compare to our life in heaven?
  9. What kind of lifestyle were they to lead in Babylon (29:5–6)?
  10. What does Jeremiah ask of the captives in verse 7? What would your reaction be to such a request?
  11. What does Matthew 5:13–16 tell us about the nature of these responsibilities?
  12. Read Jeremiah 29:10–14. List the promises God makes to the people through Jeremiah.

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