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The text for this lesson is Matthew 4:12–25

Key Point

  • Jesus preached, taught, and healed, and He called His disciples to do the same. Today, Jesus continues His saving work through the Office of the Ministry, where His Word is preached and His Sacraments are administered.
  • Law: In sin, I blindly go my own way and am headed toward eternal death.
  • Gospel: Christ saves me and calls me to follow Him in His way, a way that leads to eternal life.

Discussion Points

  1. What kind of enlightenment might different people expect in a pastor’s sermon? What kind of enlightenment does our Lord Jesus promise to give through the preaching of the Gospel?
  2. After Jesus returned from His temptation in the wilderness, He “heard that John had been arrested,” and He “withdrew into Galilee.” What significance does the name “Galilee of the Gentiles” have in verse 15?
  3. Matthew 4:16 applies the prophecy of Isaiah to our Lord Jesus and His preaching and healing ministry: “The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.” What is the darkness from which we must be liberated, and what is the light that Jesus brings?
  4. In Matthew 4:17, what is the content and pattern of Jesus’ preaching as He begins His ministry?
  5. Read Matthew 4:18–22. What details of this account indicate that Jesus is calling these four men—Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John—to be His future apostles (ministers)? See also Matthew 10:1–8. What details of the account can be applied to all Christians? See also Matthew 9:9–13; 22:1–4.
  6. Read Matthew 4:23–25. How does Matthew summarize Jesus’ ministry that begins now and will be unfolded more in the Gospel account? What are the two main facets to Jesus’ ministry?
  7. How does the ministry of Jesus continue today in and through His one, holy, Christian, and apostolic Church?


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