Old Testament 2, Lesson 6: Moses and the Burning Bush

The text for this lesson is Exodus 2:11–4:31 Key Point As God had Moses remove the sandals from his feet, God, in Christ, removes our sins from us, making us fit to approach God and stand in His presence. Law: Because of sin, I cannot approach the Lord. Gospel: Christ removes my sin so that … Continue Reading

Old Testament 2, Lesson 11: The Ten Commandments

The text for this lesson is Exodus 19–20 Key Point The Law kills, but the Gospel revives. “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). Law: The Ten Commandments define God’s Law. Gospel: Jesus, through His incarnation and by His suffering and death for my sins, defines … Continue Reading

Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks, Lesson 8: Job

The text for this lesson is Job 1:1–2:6; 42 Key Point Despite all the troubles the devil threw at Job, God is faithful and did not allow the devil to destroy Job’s faith. Amid the troubles we experience in our lives, God strengthens us through His Word and keeps us in faith to life everlasting.. … Continue Reading