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The text for this lesson is Exodus 2:11–4:31

Key Point

  • As God had Moses remove the sandals from his feet, God, in Christ, removes our sins from us, making us fit to approach God and stand in His presence.
  • Law: Because of sin, I cannot approach the Lord.
  • Gospel: Christ removes my sin so that I am declared blameless before God.

Discussion Points

  1. Imagine that your congregation has just called a new pastor, but he has not yet arrived to begin serving. As you learn more about him, you discover that this man has two glaring faults: (1) he openly admits that he cannot speak well, and (2) many years ago, he served time in jail for murder. How would you receive this man as your new pastor, appointed by God to shepherd you by preaching the Gospel to you?
  2. Read Exodus 2:11–15. When we first meet Moses as an adult, we see him both as a murderer of an Egyptian and as a rescuer of Hebrews. What does this tell us about the man Moses? What does it tell us about the God who chose him? See also Hebrews 11:24–26.
  3. Read Exodus 3:1–6. How did God reveal Himself to Moses, and how did Moses respond? How does this compare to other times in the Bible in which God revealed Himself? See Luke 5:1–11 and Acts 2:1–11.
  4. Read Exodus 3:7–22. What is significant about the way God identified Himself with the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the name He gave Himself in 3:14? See also Luke 20:37–38.
  5. Pharaoh’s daughter rescued the baby, naming him Moses. Why is it significant that Moses was raised as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? See Acts 7:22.
  6. God revealed Himself to Moses by “hiding” behind a burning bush that did not burn up. How does God “hide” behind and use concrete, physical elements of His creation to reveal Himself to us today?
  7. God graciously called Moses to serve Him as prophet and rescuer of the Hebrews, despite Moses’ sinful past (including murder!) and his reluctance to do God’s bidding. How does this comfort you? How does God graciously use you to “proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9), despite the sins of your past or your present reluctance to confess Jesus Christ to other people?

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