New Testament 3, Lesson 13: Jesus Blesses the Little Children

The text for this lesson is Mark 10:13–16 Key Point Jesus welcomes us, who because of sin are like children—helpless, dependent, and needy—and blesses us with His love and eternal gifts. Law: In my sinful foolishness, I prize self-sufficiency and believe I can take care of myself, looking to the things of this world to … Continue Reading

Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks, Lesson 4: Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray

The text for this lesson is Luke 11:1–13 Key Point Jesus taught His disciples and followers the Lord’s Prayer to show them how to pray. God invites us to talk to Him using this same prayer today. Law: I am born in sin, cut off from God, unable to communicate with Him because of the … Continue Reading