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The text for this lesson is Mark 10:13–16

Key Point

  • Jesus welcomes us, who because of sin are like children—helpless, dependent, and needy—and blesses us with His love and eternal gifts.
  • Law: In my sinful foolishness, I prize self-sufficiency and believe I can take care of myself, looking to the things of this world to satisfy and save me.
  • Gospel: God knows that I am like a helpless child who can do nothing to save myself. In His love, He provides all that I need for this body and life, working salvation for me through His Son.

Discussion Points

  1. Share some of your impressions of children. What are their personalities like? Would you say that children are “innocent”?
  2. Look at Mark 10:1. What is Jesus’ custom? In verse 13, who are the ones bringing the children to Jesus? What are they trying to do by bringing the children to Jesus?
  3. What is Jesus’ response when the disciples try to keep the children from coming to Him? In verse 14, what is the word Mark uses to describe Jesus’ attitude toward them?
  4. To whom does Jesus say the kingdom of God belongs? Read Mark 9:42. What does it mean to receive the Kingdom as a little child?
  5. What is the kingdom of God? How do we receive this Kingdom today? What is the role of Baptism in receiving the Kingdom?
  6. What are some ways that we can help our children grow in the kingdom of God? Is there any kind of age requirement for these things?


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