Serving with Joy, Lesson 1: Rebekah Serves at the Well

The text for this lesson is Genesis 24:10–28. Key Point By moving Rebekah to selfless service (drawing countless gallons of water for a man and his camels), God identified an ancestor of the One who would serve us by His suffering and death. Law: In our sinfulness, we think only of our own convenience and … Continue Reading

H2Oh!: God Keeps His Promises, Lesson 11: Servant H2Oh!: Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet

The text for this lesson is John 13:1–17 Key Point God pours out His love for me by sending Jesus to serve me by saving me from sin, death, and the devil and by empowering me to serve others in His name. Law: I fail to recognize the depth of my sin and think I … Continue Reading

New Testament 3, Lesson 3: Jesus Is Anointed

The text for this lesson is Luke 7:36–50 Key Point In faith, a sinful woman lovingly anointed Jesus’ feet. In faith, we grasp God’s free mercy, receive the forgiveness of sins, and respond with acts of love and praise. Law: My sin troubles and harms me, condemning me to eternal death. Gospel: God offers His … Continue Reading