I Spy Salvation’s Story, Lesson 12: Road to Emmaus

The text for this lesson is Luke 24:13–35. Key Point Even though Jesus is not visible to us, His suffering and glory are revealed to us through faithful teaching and the breaking of bread. Law:Without Jesus’ Word, we are ignorant of the truths of salvation. Gospel: Jesus makes His salvation known to us through teaching … Continue Reading

3-in-1: Discovering Our Triune God, Lesson 7: Jesus Is Our Savior: Jesus Suffers and Dies

The text for this lesson is Luke 8:22–25 Key Point Jesus has redeemed me, a lost and condemned person. Law: For my sin, I deserve to be forsaken and condemned; yet when I suffer, I protest and blame God. Jesus was arrested, beaten, and tortured to death on the cross for my sin, not His. … Continue Reading

New Testament 3, Lesson 10: Jesus Raises Lazarus

The text for this lesson is John 11:1–45 Key Point In resurrecting Lazarus, Jesus demonstrated that He can indeed raise all who believe in Him for salvation. True life is eternal life with Jesus. Law: In this life, I see and experience the effects of sin: sickness, injury, and death. Gospel: Jesus, who is the … Continue Reading