H2Oh!: God Keeps His Promises, Lesson 7: H2Oh! Ride: Jonah

The text for this lesson is Jonah 1–3 Key Point God pours out His steadfast love for me, forgiving me and using me, a sinner, in the work of His kingdom. Law: I love mercy when I benefit from it, but if I think someone is evil, I don’t want God’s mercy to extend to … Continue Reading

H2Oh!: God Keeps His Promises, Lesson 8: Revealing H2Oh!: John the Baptist

The texts for this lesson are Luke 3:1–20; John 1:19–34 Key Point Oh, the riches of God’s love, which He pours out for me by sending His Son, Jesus, who took my sins upon Himself and washed them away. Law: God is always faithful, appointing men to preach His Word to the world. But the … Continue Reading

Old Testament 2, Lesson 4: Joseph Forgives

The text for this lesson is Genesis 40–41 Key Point Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and forgave them. Our Lord Jesus Christ reveals Himself to us and forgives us in His Holy Word and Sacraments. Law: The sin I refuse to confess troubles my conscience and separates me from others and from God. Gospel: … Continue Reading

New Testament 1, Lesson 10: John Prepares the Way

The text for this lesson is Matthew 3:1–12 Key Point As John pointed to Jesus as the Lamb of God, so our pastors point us to this same Jesus, who grants us forgiveness, life, and salvation. Law: Sin hardens my heart against God, and I try to earn my salvation. Gospel: God’s Word works in … Continue Reading