Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him, Lesson 1: God Leads in Cloud and Fire

The text for this lesson is Exodus 13:17-14:31 Discussion Points Did the children of Israel have good reason to be terrified? How can Moses’ response in Exodus 14:13-14 be helpful for you today? What else did God do to rescue the Israelites? What were the results of God’s mighty act at the Red Sea? Did … Continue Reading

H2Oh!: God Keeps His Promises, Lesson 2: Walking through H2Oh!: Crossing the Red Sea

The text for this lesson is Exodus 14 Key Point God pours out His saving love for me by delivering me from trouble and daily giving me a new start. Law: In moments of fear, I forget the loving care that God has for His children and think that I am completely alone. Gospel: In … Continue Reading

Old Testament 2, Lesson 9: Crossing the Red Sea

The text for this lesson is Exodus 13:17–15:21 Key Point As God saved the Hebrews through the water of the Red Sea, He saves us through the washing of water in Holy Baptism, conquering Satan, our greatest enemy. Law: The waves of this sinful world surge around me and drain me of life. Gospel: The … Continue Reading