Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him, Lesson 7: God Heals in the Jordan’s Waters

The text for this lesson is 2 Kings 5:1-14 Key Points God poured His grace on Naaman, telling him to wash in the Jordan so that he would be cleansed of his disease. He pours His grace on us through water and His Word in Holy Baptism and cleanses us from our greatest sickness—sin. God … Continue Reading

Serving with Joy, Lesson 6: Naaman’s Servant Girl

The text for this lesson is 2 Kings 5:1–14. Key Point Just as the Lord used an ordinary servant girl and ordinary water to heal Naaman, He cares for us through the ordinary people and ordinary means He chooses. Law: We too often want or even expect God to work in dramatic and exciting ways, … Continue Reading