Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him, Lesson 10: Jesus Heals with Mud

The text for this lesson is John 9 Key Points Jesus healed the blind man with mud and spit to show the work of God. Jesus shows the work of God in us as He heals us of sin with water and His Word. Law: All sickness is a result of sin in the world. … Continue Reading

New Testament 1, Lesson 3: Mary Visits Elizabeth

The text for this lesson is Luke 1:39–56 Key Point God remembered Mary, filling her womb with the world’s Savior. God remembers us and, through His Word and Sacraments, fills us with Christ Jesus, granting us full salvation. Like Mary, we offer our humble praise. Law: No one is righteous before God. Gospel: God sent … Continue Reading

New Testament 3, Lesson 5: The Transfiguration

The text for this lesson is Matthew 17:1–9 Key Point At the transfiguration, Jesus’ glory was unveiled before the disciples. Today, His glory is unveiled for us in the Word, in the water of Baptism, and in the bread and wine of His Holy Supper. In heaven, we shall see Him in all His glory! … Continue Reading

Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks, Lesson 3: Peter & John Heal a Lame Man

The text for this lesson is Acts 3:1–10 Key Point The lame man praised and thanked God. We pray, praise, and give thanks to God for who He is and what He has done for us through His Son, Jesus. Law: Sin renders me helpless so that I look to myself or to the sinful … Continue Reading