Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him, Lesson 5: God Rains Fire

The text for this lesson is 1 Kings 18 Discussion Points God had hidden Elijah for three years, but now God commanded him to appear before Ahab. Why? Why was Obadiah afraid to take Elijah to Ahab? What did Ahab call Elijah? Why? What did Elijah tell Ahab to do? Were the prophets of Baal … Continue Reading

I Spy Salvation’s Story, Lesson 13: God Sends the Holy Spirit

The text for this lesson is Acts 2:1–21, 37–47. Key Point God sends His Spirit to establish, unite, sustain, and expand His Church. Law:Without the Holy Spirit, we would be excluded from God’s salvation. Gospel: Through His Word and Baptism, God grants repentance and His Holy Spirit to forgive our sins and gather us into … Continue Reading

Old Testament 2, Lesson 7: Moses and the Plagues

The text for this lesson is Exodus 5–10 Key Point Through a series of horrific plagues, God punished the Egyptians for their sinful treatment of God’s people and freed His people from bondage. Through His horrific suffering and death on the cross, Jesus takes the punishment for our sin and frees us from sin’s bondage. … Continue Reading