H2Oh!: God Keeps His Promises, Lesson 3: Miraculous H2Oh!: Water from the Rock

The text for this lesson is Exodus 17:1–7 Key Point God pours out His generous love for me by sustaining my life through abundant blessings now and forever. Law: When I suffer, I am tempted to believe that the God who has saved me is actually against me. I should be condemned when I accuse … Continue Reading

Old Testament 2, Lesson 10: God Provides Manna, Water, and Quail

The text for this lesson is Exodus 16–17 Key Point In Christ, God feeds us with the manna of His Word and the water of His forgiveness, satisfying our eternal hunger and quenching our spiritual thirst. Law: My attempts to satisfy myself with all good things cannot fill the void that sin creates in my … Continue Reading