3-in-1: Discovering Our Triune God, Lesson 12: The Spirit Produces Good Works: A Widow’s Offering

The text for this lesson is Mark 12:41–44 Key Point The Holy Spirit helped a poor widow give a rich offering. The Holy Spirit helps me do good works too. Law: I do not rely on God or credit Him with the things I have; therefore, I give offerings or serve others sparingly, reluctantly, or … Continue Reading

New Testament 4, Lesson 5: Peter Denies Jesus

The text for this lesson is Mark 14:26–72 Key Point Though we, like Peter, deny Jesus and His gifts, Jesus does not deny us because we belong to Him as baptized members of His Body, the Church. Instead, He forgives us and welcomes us back. Law: I deny Jesus when I fail to acknowledge Him … Continue Reading

Fear, Love & Trust: Following God’s Commandments, Lesson 11: Paul and Philemon

The text for this lesson is Book of Philemon Key Point God commands us to be content in all things. Through faith in Jesus, God gives me forgiveness and freedom from slavery to sin. Law: Onesimus was not content to be a slave, so he ran away, perhaps taking with him something that belonged to … Continue Reading

New Testament 5, Lesson 3: God’s Servant Stephen

The text for this lesson is Acts 6–7 Key Point We are crushed and enraged at the accusations of God’s Law, but the Gospel brings peace and quietness. In church, the pastor speaks the same Word of God as Stephen speaks in Acts 7:60, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them,” and gives us … Continue Reading

New Testament 5, Lesson 13: Paul Sails for Rome

The text for this lesson is Acts 27. Key Point As Christ was with Paul and his companions in a perilous sea voyage, so He is with us, holding us up, keeping us with Him in the ship of the Church, and casting all our sins into the depths of the sea. Law:In sinful despair, … Continue Reading