Delivered, Lesson 11: The Emmaus Disciples See Jesus

The text for this lesson is Luke 24:13–35. Key Point Jesus reveals Himself to us through bread and wine, giving us the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life that He won for us on the cross. Law: I sin when I deny the real presence of Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar. Gospel: Christ … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 12: Jesus’ Touch Heals

The text for this lesson is Matthew 9:20–25; Mark 5:21–43. Key Point Jesus heals our spiritual sickness through His body and blood in the Lord’s Supper. Law: I sin when I doubt God’s power to heal my body and soul. Gospel: Through His Word, Jesus gives me faith to believe that He heals all my … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 13: Jesus Teaches about an Unforgiving Servant

The text for this lesson is Matthew 18:21–35. Key Point Jesus, who teaches us to forgive as we are forgiven, welcomes sinners who repent of their sins and believe His promise of forgiveness. Law: I sin when I do not forgive others because it shows that I do not trust that God forgives me. Gospel: … Continue Reading

Delivered, Lesson 14: Timothy Lives as God’s Child

The text for this lesson is 1 Timothy 4:6–16; 2 Timothy 1:1–7. Key Point God strengthens faith through the Lord’s Supper and empowers me to live as His child. Law: Because of sin, I often deny Jesus by my words and actions and fail to live as His forgiven child. Gospel: God forgives my sins … Continue Reading