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The text for this lesson is Genesis 24.

Key Point

  • God worked His plan of salvation through the lives of Isaac and Rebekah. God’s plan for our salvation is fulfilled through Jesus, their descendant.
  • Law: God wants me to trust Him for all that I need.
  • Gospel: God provides all that I need and gives me forgiveness, life, and salvation through His Son.

Discussion Points

  1. Talk about the many ways that people today search for a spouse. How do we encourage young people in the church to prepare for marriage in a godly way?
  2. Abraham sent his servant Eliezer to Abraham’s own people far away to find a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24:1–14). Why was it important that Eliezer go all the way to Mesopotamia?
  3. How did Eliezer find the right woman (Genesis 24:15–21)? What does this say about how God hears and answers prayer?
  4. “The Lord” in uppercase letters in the Bible is the personal name of God, not just a generic title. Notice how many times the people are mentioned as worshiping “the Lord,” and discuss the place of “the Lord” in the faith of these people (see vv. 3, 7, 12, 26–27, 31, 35, 40, 42, 44, 48, 50–52, 56). According to these observations, was this just another arranged marriage? Who is doing the “arranging”?
  5. Meditate briefly on the blessing of Rebekah in verse 60. Note that it says, literally, “and may your seed possess the gate of those who hate Him.” How do the many thousands of descendants relate to the one Seed who will conquer His enemies (see Galatians 3:26–29)?
  6. What part did Isaac play in wooing or winning Rebekah to be his wife? Consider how much he is blessed by the marriage (v. 67). What does this tell us about the Lord’s generosity and favor? What is the Holy Spirit’s purpose for including this betrothal and marriage in the Scriptures?
  7. Providence is the truth that God holds the whole world and every person in His loving hand and directs all things for our benefit. Nobody and nothing can thwart His plan and will! Consider the ways Abraham, Abraham’s servant, Rebekah, and Rebekah’s family all trusted and gave thanks to the Lord. Did God “pull through” for them? What does this tell us about God’s grace?
  8. After describing all the ways that God blesses us and gives us what we need for this body and life, Luther’s explanation of the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed concludes, “All this He does only out of fatherly, divine goodness and mercy, without any merit or worthiness in me. For all this it is my duty to thank and praise, serve and obey Him.” God is the giver! Discuss some of the blessings in your life and the lives of others that He has given you “without any merit or worthiness” in you. Give thanks in your closing prayers.

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