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The text for this lesson is Daniel 6

Key Point

  • Jesus, who saved Daniel, would Himself be given over to the satanic lion to save the world.
  • Law: In the world, evil is called good, and those who seek to do good suffer and are brought down by sinners who hate anything good.
  • Gospel: In Christ, I am blessed when I suffer for His name. He is with me, granting me His comfort and strength and preserving my life eternally by giving me salvation in Him.

Discussion Points

  1. What do you think of politics? What kinds of things do you hope government can accomplish? What kinds of things should it not get involved in? What are some of the difficulties and evils of politics?
  2. Who is the king now? Do you remember who was king when Daniel first went into exile to Babylon? Who succeeded him? What happens to Daniel with each of these kings? Why?
  3. Even though Daniel did nothing as a basis for a complaint against him, his enemies still built a false case against him. Trace the development of their conspiracy and sin.
  4. After Daniel is accused, the story’s parallels to the trial, burial, and resurrection of Jesus become more prominent. What details of the account of Daniel’s accusation, confinement, and release can be compared to Jesus’ trial, burial, and resurrection?
  5. What happens to the conspirators after Daniel is brought out of the pit unharmed? How does Darius’s decree compare with Nebuchadnezzar’s decree following the miracle of the three young men in the fiery furnace?
  6. Daniel practiced daily prayer, even while he was in exile. What about daily prayer today? What is the custom of the Church? What do you do for daily prayer?
  7. In many ways, the practical lesson of the story of Daniel is just like that of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. God’s rescue of the faithful people is an example of God’s never-ending faithfulness toward His own. Review some of these points again. What is your fate if you do not remain faithful?

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