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The text for this lesson is Luke 24:13–35

Key Point

  • The disciples recognized Jesus through the Scriptures and the breaking of the bread. Christ comes to us and abides with us through Word and Sacrament and continues to open our eyes and strengthen our faith.
  • Law: Sin blinds me to the truth and keeps me from recognizing and believing in Jesus as my Savior.
  • Gospel: Jesus opens my eyes through God’s Word and Sacraments so that I might believe and trust in Him.

Discussion Points

  1. Quite often, teachers speak of the teachable moment or even the aha moment. They are referring to that moment, time, or experience in which many hours and details of teaching and learning finally come together: the student gets it! Describe a time when you finally “got it” with a lesson that a teacher was teaching you.
  2. Read Luke 24:13–16. Here we read the details that set the stage (context) for the heart of the story. Who are the “two of them” traveling on the road to Emmaus? See 24:9; 24:18; and 24:33. How long was the walk between Jerusalem and Emmaus? What do the two followers discuss as they travel? Why do they not recognize Jesus?
  3. Read Luke 24:17–27. For what does Jesus rebuke the two disciples in verse 25? How does Jesus proclaim the whole Gospel in verse 26? What proof does Jesus give for this Gospel in verse 27?
  4. Read Luke 24:28–30. How do the two disciples show hospitality to Jesus? How does Jesus reverse this hospitality once inside the house? What other event in Jesus’ ministry does this remind us of? See Luke 22:14–20.
  5. Read Luke 24:31–35. These verses repeat and reverse the details of 24:13–16. How are the eyes of these two disciples finally and fully opened? Now what do they talk about in verse 32? What do they mean by saying, “Did not our hearts burn within us”? According to verses 33–35, where do the two followers go and whom do they find? What do they talk about when they arrive?
  6. The Emmaus disciples recognized the risen Lord Jesus “in the breaking of the bread” (Luke 24:35). How do we know and recognize our Lord Jesus “in the breaking of the bread” at the Lord’s Table?

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