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The text for this lesson is Mark 12:41–44

Key Point

  • The widow gave all she had to God, trusting Him to provide and care for her. Her actions point us to Jesus, who gave His all for us, even though we fail to trust in God for all things.
  • Law: I do not always obey God’s demand that I love Him with all my heart. I am not willing to give Him all that I have.
  • Gospel: Christ loves me and willingly redeemed me, not with gold or silver, but with His holy, precious blood and with His innocent suffering and death that I might be His own and live under Him in His kingdom and serve Him.

Discussion Points

  1. How do you view the offering during the Divine Service? Do you feel guilty that you don’t give enough or bothered that you pay more than you can afford? What is the theological basis for the collection?
  2. Whom does Jesus first see putting money into the offering box? What is the real criticism of these rich people? What is the commandment God is using to judge them? What does the faith of the widow really tell us about priorities in life?
  3. We think this story emphasizes the right response that the faithful person should show toward God. But what does this story tell us about God’s grace and mercy?
  4. How do we avoid trusting in money and instead put our trust in God? Can we be sure that God will always provide for our physical needs?
  5. What is the right response of faith when it comes to our money? How do we know what the “proper” amount is to give? How do we do it cheerfully and with a right heart?


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