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The text for this lesson is John 2:13–22

Key Point

  • Jesus’ cleansing of the temple carries a twofold message: He is the Lord of the temple in the flesh, and even more important, He is the true temple, through whom our sins are paid for and we are made heirs of eternal life.
  • Law: I sin when I do not honor God’s house or when I disturb the worship of others.
  • Gospel: Jesus is my holy temple who, by His sacrifice on the altar of the cross, cleansed me from sin and made me a member of His Body, the Church.

Discussion Points

  1. Read John 2:13–22. What feast is being celebrated at the time of these events? What is the meaning and significance of this feast?
  2. Who is gathered in the temple? Why are they there? What is the problem with what they are doing?
  3. Describe what Jesus does in verses 15–16. Does this seem characteristic of Jesus when compared to the other parts of the Gospels? Consider the perceived inconsistencies in Jesus’ behavior, and discuss how His actions really are consistent with the rest of His ministry.
  4. Jesus’ very act of cleansing the temple is a sign: it confirms the prophetic words of Psalm 69. Yet the Jews stubbornly seek another sign. What is the significance of their question and Jesus’ answer?
  5. In the days before Jesus was born, God was worshiped in His temple. Where do we wor­ship God today? In what ways do we make our Father’s house a house of trade?
  6. What is the significance for us that Jesus is the temple of God?


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