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The text for this lesson is 1 Samuel 1–3

Key Point

  • For the sake of Christ, God, who is ever eager to forgive us and grant us His grace, calls all to repentance through preachers such as Samuel.
  • Law: My sin is great, and I am not holy as God demands.
  • Gospel: Christ became unholy with my sin that I might become holy in His righteousness.

Discussion Points

  1. What aspect of being a pastor do you think you would least enjoy?
  2. Read Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 2:1–11. What is the theme of her song/prayer? What New Testament song reflects this same theme? See Luke 1:46–55.
  3. Read 1 Samuel 2:12–26. Contrast Samuel’s upbringing with that of Eli’s sons. How does young Samuel foreshadow Jesus?
  4. Read 1 Samuel 2:27–36. What are the consequences of Eli’s failures as a father? How do the words of the “man of God” (v. 27) point to Jesus Christ, even as he announces God’s judgment upon Eli’s family?
  5. Read 1 Samuel 3:1–21. What three things does God accomplish by sending this message through Samuel?
  6. How is the story of Samuel instructive for pastors? What does it teach us as members of a congregation?
  7. Jesus is the agent of the reversals that Hannah sang of in chapter 2. How did Jesus accomplish these reversals during His earthly ministry? What was the greatest of these reversals? Where are these reversals taking place today?


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