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The text for this lesson is Judges 16

Key Point

  • Samson delivered God’s people from those who oppressed them. Jesus, God’s Son, delivers us from sin and death and wins salvation for us. We are weak, but He is strong!
  • Law: Sin weakens me, making me a target for the devil’s temptations, bringing me guilt and destruction.
  • Gospel: God loves me, in spite of my sin and weakness, and puts on me Christ’s strength and victory over sin, death, and the devil.

Discussion Points

  1. Think back to the last time someone asked you to name your strengths and weaknesses. What were they hoping to learn about you?
  2. Read about the birth of Samson in Judges 13:1–7. How does God set Samson apart for His service? How does Samson’s birth foreshadow Jesus’ birth?
  3. Read Judges 14:1–4. Why is Samson’s father opposed to this marriage? What does this episode tell us about Samson’s character? What purpose does the Lord have for Samson’s desire?
  4. Read Judges 16:4–22. What mistakes does Samson make in his relationship with Delilah that lead to his downfall? What mistakes does Samson make in his relationship with God?
  5. Read Judges 16:23–31. How has Samson’s attitude toward the Lord changed?
  6. In the story of Samson, how does God use both Samson’s strengths and his weaknesses? Read Romans 8:28. What does this teach us about God?
  7. How was Samson’s life similar to the life of Jesus Christ? How did Jesus surpass Samson?


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