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The text for this lesson is Joshua 6

Key Point

  • Through His servant Joshua, God gave the Israelites victory over Jericho by causing its fortress walls to fall. Through Jesus Christ, God gives us victory over our enemy, Satan, causing the fortress of sin and death to fall and assuring us that we are His people.
  • Law: Prideful, I trust in walls of self-made security, but my works and my accomplishments are weak and crumble around me.
  • Gospel: God delivers me from the ruin of my sin and provides me a mighty fortress in Christ.

Discussion Points

  1. Whom do you trust with your life? Why do you trust these people?
  2. Read Joshua 6:1–2. What did the people of Jericho entrust with their lives? Now read Joshua 5:13–15. Against whom are the people of Jericho fighting?
  3. Read Joshua 6:2. The Lord says to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand.” When Joshua looked, what would he have seen?
  4. Read Joshua 6:3–21. How did Israel take the city?
  5. Read Joshua 6:22–25. Who was spared from destruction? Read Joshua 2:1–14. Why was she spared?
  6. How does the fall of Jericho emphasize the importance of faith in the lives of God’s people and Rahab? Read Matthew 1:5. Whose name do you see there?
  7. How are we tempted to misplace our trust as the people of Jericho did? How does Satan especially tempt Christians to pride? Read 1 John 1:8–10. How does God combat this?
  8. When our faith is built firmly on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross, how does that affect the way we live our lives?


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