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The text for this lesson is Mark 10:13–16

Key Point

  • By God’s power, Israel rose victorious over many great enemies. By the power of Christ, who fought for us on the cross, we are victorious over the greater enemies of sin, death, and the devil.
  • Law: I do not always believe God’s promises; instead, I grumble and am afraid.
  • Gospel: God, who always keeps His promises, kept His promise to send His Son to save me from my sin through His sacrifice on the cross.

Discussion Points

  1. Have you ever been asked to do something that feels impossible to do? How did you react to the request? How did you feel about the person who made the request of you?
  2. Read Numbers 13:1–3, 7–20. Who were the spies, and what were they supposed to find out? Why were these important things to know? Read Numbers 13:25–29. What did the spies report?
  3. Read Numbers 14:1–9. How do the people react to the news of their impossible mission? Why do Joshua and Caleb feel differently?
  4. In verse 10, the people are ready to stone Moses, Aaron, Caleb, and Joshua, and so God announces judgment against them. Read of God’s judgment in Numbers 14:26–35. Then read about the people’s reaction in Numbers 14:39–45. What messages does God send by this defeat?
  5. The Israelites faced an impossible mission, but God specializes in doing the impossible. What “impossible” work has God done in your life, and how did you respond?
  6. The Israelites stood on the edge of a Promised Land that they could not see but believed was there by the promise of God. So do we! How does God work in our lives to keep our eyes on His promise of eternal life?


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