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The text for this lesson is John 6:1–14

Key Point

  • In His love, God promises to care for all our physical and spiritual needs and gives us the greatest treasure: His Son and the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.
  • Law: Like the disciples, my faith is weak, and I lack trust in God to give me all good things.
  • Gospel: For the sake of His Son, Jesus, God promises to provide for all my needs and gives me the gift of faith to believe in Jesus as my Savior and receive eternal life through Him.

Discussion Points

  1. What does John 6 teach us about the difference between seeing miraculous signs and believing Jesus’ words? What can the Church learn from this?
  2. Philip, Andrew, and Moses had much in common when it came to dealing with large-scale hunger problems. What had all three of them failed to see? What do we have in common with Philip, Andrew, and Moses when it comes to dealing with our problems?
  3. Compare John 6:11 and Luke 22:19. What might the similarity of these verses teach the Church about the feeding of the five thousand?
  4. After seeing Jesus perform the miraculous sign, the people said that Christ was the prophet who had come into the world. Read Deuteronomy 18:15–19. Whom would this prophet be like? According to John 1:17, what would be the greatest difference between Jesus the Prophet and the one who came before Him?
  5. Like those who had “eaten their fill,” how are we also tempted to seek the Lord only for the earthly things He can give us, rather than focusing on the eternal food, the bread of life, which is Christ Himself?

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