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The text for this lesson is Luke 3:15–22

Key Point

  • Jesus was baptized “to fulfill all righteousness” so that our Baptism might give us forgiveness of sins and rescue us from death and the devil.
  • Law: Because of God’s wrath and anger over sin, I and all people need a Savior.
  • Gospel: In Baptism, I am made a child of the heavenly Father and an heir of heaven.

Discussion Points

  1. God’s Word does not prescribe a certain style or location for a baptismal font in a church. How could the style or location of the font communicate what a congregation believes about Baptism?
  2. How does John make it clear that he is not the Christ (Messiah)? See Luke 3:15–16 and John 3:28–30. How are pastors like John the Baptist?
  3. What did John’s Baptism do for those who received it? See Luke 3:3. Jesus was born sinless and never sinned. Why would He, the sinless One, need such a Baptism? See Matthew 3:14–15. What does His Baptism mean for us? See 2 Corinthians 5:17–21.
  4. What do we learn from the Old Testament passage that provides the background for Luke 3:22? See Isaiah 42:1. What is the significance for us of the Spirit’s descent upon Jesus in the form of a dove? See Luke 3:16 and John 3:5. Based on the Holy Spirit’s name, how do we know what He does?
  5. How does Christ’s Baptism provide insight into the mission of the apostles and their successors in the Church? See Matthew 28:19–20 and Acts 2:38.
  6. Read Luke 3:17. What does this passage say is part of Jesus’ mission? Why is this message unpopular today? Why is it important that we continue to proclaim this aspect of Jesus’ work?

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