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The text for this lesson is Luke 1:26–38

Key Point

  • Because of Christ, God favored Mary and chose her to be the mother of the Savior. Because of Christ, God favors us and chooses us to be His children.
  • Law: Like Mary, I deserve nothing from God because of my sinfulness.
  • Gospel: God gives me unmerited grace and favor because of His Son.

Discussion Points

  1. Why is it absolutely essential that we maintain that Jesus was conceived without a human father while Mary was a virgin?
  2. Gabriel says to Mary in Luke 1:37 that “nothing will be impossible with God.” How could this verse be misused by Christians today? How should we apply it?
  3. The angel Gabriel came to both Zechariah and Mary with prophecies of extraordinary births. Compare Zechariah’s response in Luke 1:18 with Mary’s responses in 1:34, 38. How are they different? What could account for the differences between their responses? What can we learn from this comparison?
  4. In Luke 1:28, Mary is called “favored one,” and in verse 30, she is told that she has “found favor with God.” What does favor mean? See Genesis 6:5–8 for the first instance of the word favor in the Bible. What caused God to favor Noah? What caused God to favor Mary? How does this shed light that we are justified by grace?
  5. Jesus is the Greek form of the name Joshua, which means “the Lord helps” or “the Lord saves.” In Luke 1:31, Gabriel tells Mary that she will call her Son Jesus. How does Jesus’ name reveal who He is? How does Matthew 1:21 shed light on what kind of Savior Jesus is?
  6. A literal translation of Luke 1:28 from the Greek would be “Rejoice, favored woman, the Lord is with you.” Gabriel indicates that the Lord’s favor toward and presence with Mary are cause for rejoicing. In what unique sense was the Lord with Mary? See Matthew 1:23. Where do we find Immanuel today?

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