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The text for this lesson is Exodus 1:1–2:10

Key Point

  • Through Moses, the Lord saved His people from slavery in Egypt. Through Christ, God saves all people from the bondage of sin and death.
  • Law: In this world, I am enslaved by the demands of Satan.
  • Gospel: God’s Son, Jesus, was born to set me free from the slavery of sin, death, and the devil.

Discussion Points

  1. How are Christians persecuted for their faith, or at least discriminated against, in the twenty-first century?
  2. Read Genesis 15:1, 5–6, 12–14. What promises did God give to Abraham, and how were these promises fulfilled in the time of the exodus?
  3. Read Exodus 1. What did the Egyptians fear about the Israelites? What “solution” did Pharaoh decree in order to eliminate the threat? When slavery didn’t work, what next “solution” did the king of Egypt decree? How did respect for God’s gift of life preserve His people? How do these events foreshadow the life of our Lord Jesus Christ? See Matthew 2:13–15.
  4. Read Exodus 2:1–10. How did the faith of Moses’ mother lead her to preserve her son’s life? See also Hebrews 11:23. What is significant about the “basket of bulrushes” in which Moses was placed for his safety and deliverance (see Genesis 6:14)?
  5. Pharaoh’s daughter rescued the baby, naming him Moses. Why is it significant that Moses was raised as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? See Acts 7:22.
  6. How does our Lord Jesus Christ rescue us from the bondage of our sin and death? Can we really say that we are rescued from this slavery if we keep committing sins? Look up and read Romans 8:1–2 and 1 John 1:9; 2:1–2.
  7. The Small Catechism teaches us how to pray the Seventh Petition of the Lord’s Prayer—“But deliver us from evil”—by saying this: “We pray in this petition, in summary, that our Father in heaven would rescue us from every evil of body and soul, possessions and reputation, and finally, when our last hour comes, give us a blessed end, and graciously take us from this valley of sorrow to Himself in heaven.” How does this comfort you when you are weighed down by the slavery of sin and death in this fallen world?

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