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The text for this lesson is Genesis 39

Key Point

  • The Lord was with Joseph and, through him, saved Joseph’s family and others. God promises to be with us in every situation, and through His Son, Jesus, a descendant of Joseph’s brother Judah, God saves us from our sin.
  • Law: I sin when I do not want to live out my vocation or forget that God is with me in my troubles; these sins, like all sin, condemn me to eternal death.
  • Gospel: Nevertheless, God is with me in all my troubles and offers me and all who sin His steadfast love and mercy for the sake of His Son, Jesus.

Discussion Points

  1. Think of a time when your work was especially difficult or stressful, perhaps when your co-workers or your supervisor seemed to mistreat you. How does our Lord Jesus Christ sustain you in such times?
  2. Read Genesis 39:1–6a. What do we learn about Joseph’s life after he arrived in Egypt? How did God bless Joseph, even though he was a slave in a strange land? How did the fact that “the Lord was with Joseph” (39:2) help him endure the harsh realities of being in a foreign country?
  3. Read Genesis 39:6–18. Joseph’s faith and his faithful service were put to the test by Potiphar’s lustful wife. How did Joseph resist the temptation to commit adultery and thus keep what God would later give as the Sixth Commandment (Exodus 20:14)?
  4. How did Joseph honor, serve, and obey his master, Potiphar, not only in the times of success and blessing, but also when Potiphar put him into prison?
  5. How does the promise that the Lord is with you sustain and comfort you in your various vocations?
  6. How can you honor, serve, and obey—even love and cherish—your authorities (parents, governing authorities, supervisors at work) when they mistreat you?

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