The text for this lesson is Luke 10:25–37

Key Point

  • Jesus calls us to show mercy to everyone in need because He Himself is the Good Samaritan to us.
  • Law: We are in desperate need of forgiveness because we have often passed by on the other side when we have seen our neighbor in need. We are commanded to help and support our neighbor in every physical need.
  • Gospel: We are forgiven because Jesus had mercy on us, paying for our sins with His life. We truly desire to love and serve our neighbor because Jesus first loved us.

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Discussion Points

  1. Read Luke 10:30–37. So, who is our neighbor?
  2. The Samaritan had compassion and was willing to show love through his actions. He shared Jesus’ love with someone in need. Who is the Samaritan in our lives?
  3. How does Jesus reveal himself in the parable of the Good Samaritan as the true Good Samaritan?
  4. The Bible teaches us that we should be merciful because God is merciful to us. How is God merciful to us?
  5. How do we sin against the Fifth Commandment?
  6. Do you ever use religion, profession, or ethnic background when you choose which people to help in your life? Think of a time you could have helped someone, but didn’t. Think of what you failed to do. Who are some of the people you have opportunities to help? How are you able to help them?
  7. How did God, through His Son, show us how to love and serve our neighbor? What motivates us to “Go and do likewise”? See 2 Corinthians 5:14–15 and Galatians 2:20. How might neglect of our spiritual need hamper our ability to love God and our neighbor?
  8. How does God work through others to heal His people?

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