The text for this lesson is Luke 10:38–42.

Key Points

  • As Jesus journeyed to Bethany to preach about Himself, the one thing that is necessary, so also He comes to us with this same message in His Word and Sacraments—salvation is found in no one else.
  • Law: In sin, I am like Martha, worrying myself with many things and leaning on my own understanding.
  • Gospel: For Jesus’ sake, God forgives my worrying and enables me to trust Him for all things.

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Discussion Points

  1. What does Jesus serve us when we come to His house?
  2. How can His gifts help us serve others? Do we always serve God and others the way we should?
  3. Mary and Martha—which one is better? Why does Jesus single out Mary?
  4. How can we “sit at Jesus’ feet” in our day?
  5. How can we have Jesus as a permanent guest in our homes? What can our home life be like when we always think of Jesus as present?
  6. Why should every Christian family daily take time for family devotions? How should family members imitate Mary’s example when there is opportunity to hear God’s Word?

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