The text for this lesson is John 4:46–54.

Key Points

  • In faith, the officer journeyed to see Jesus, believing that His words of healing were true—and the man’s son was healed. In faith, we journey to God’s house, believing that God’s Word proclaimed heals us of our sin-sickness—and it does, giving us forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
  • Law: In my sin, I want to see God’s power and might before I trust His Word.
  • Gospel: God, in His love, knows that I am weak in my sin, and He performs the greatest miracle—forgiveness of my sins.

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Discussion Points

  1. What miraculous action did Jesus take?
  2. How did the officer react? What enabled him to trust Jesus’ words? What enables us to trust God’s Word?
  3. What is the illness from which all humankind suffers?
  4. How are you healed here?
  5. How did the official who came to Jesus show that he believed Jesus? Compare the man’s reaction in 4:50, 53. What was it that the official believed in?

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