The text for this lesson is 2 Kings 4:8–37.

Key Points

  • God used Elisha in his journeys to bless the Shunammite woman, granting her a son and then raising him from the dead. God sent His Son, Jesus, to journey to the cross to bless all humanity in this life and to raise those who believe in Him from the dead, granting them eternal life.
  • Law: In my sin, I do not want to believe the promises of God.
  • Gospel: God is faithful in all His promises and gives me forgiveness, life, and salvation.

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Discussion Points

  1. Why did the woman provide a place for Elisha and his servant to stay?
  2. Why did Elisha ask what he could do for the woman?
  3. Did the woman believe Elisha’s promise of a son?
  4. Why would a child be important to the woman?
  5. The woman told her husband “all is well” when the child had died—why would she say that?
  6. Why did she tell Gehazi’s servants the same thing? “All is well”
  7. Given Gehazi’s response, “The child has not awakened.” Did Gehazi have faith in his master’s ability to raise the child?
  8. In the posture of Elisha over the child—hand to hand, face to face is there a foreshadowing of Christ on the cross?
  9. How does this text point ahead to the miracles of Jesus to raise the dead and to his own resurrection from the dead for us?
  10. The woman took care of God’s servant Elisha—what can we learn from her example about caring for the workers God has placed in our midst?
  11. Like the woman, we often doubt God’s promises—why? How are we like her?

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