The text for this lesson is Acts 16:20-34

Key Points

  • With the quaking of the earth, God freed Paul and Silas from prison, pointing the jailer to salvation in Christ Jesus. With His Word and Sacraments, God frees us from our prison of sin and death, pointing us to salvation in Christ Jesus.
  • Law: Evil and suffering are in the world because of sin.
  • Gospel: But in the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God demonstrated His power over sin and death, and through His almighty power and love, He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him.

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Discussion Points

  1. Why were Paul and Silas in prison?
  2. How were they rescued?
  3. Why was God’s use of an earthquake to free Paul and Silas a good thing?
  4. How were the jailer and his family rescued?
  5. What do you think Paul and Silas told the jailer and his family?
  6. What could you tell someone who doesn’t know about Jesus?
  7. How are we like Paul and Silas and the jailer?
  8. How does God free us from our prison of sin and death?
  9. What actions or things keep you away from God?
  10. From what have we been saved?
  11. How are we saved? Who saved us?

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