The text for this lesson is Matthew 27:45-56, 62-66; 28:1-15

Key Points

  • The earth quaked at Jesus’ death and resurrection, proclaiming that He truly is the Son of God. God’s Word clearly proclaims this same wonderful reality to us.
  • Law: Because of my sin, I deserve to suffer and die eternally.
  • Gospel: God sent His Son, Jesus, to pray for me so that I will live forever with Him.

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Discussion Points

  1. What natural element did God control at Jesus’ death? See Luke 23:44-45.
  2. What is the significance of the darkness that lasted three hours?
  3. What unusual events took place at the time of Jesus’ death?
  4. What did the Roman centurion say when God opened the earth?
  5. To what did all of these supernatural signs point?
  6. Jesus was hastily buried inside the earth. A great stone was rolled to the entrance. What did the Pharisees and chief priests want Pilate to do? Why?
  7. What happened on Sunday morning?
  8. What did the angel say to the women?
  9. What happened as they were leaving the empty tomb?
  10. What was their response?
  11. What did the guards report to the chief priests?
  12. Why did God show His almighty power to control the sun and the earth during these events?
  13. How did Jesus humble himself at birth?
  14. Why did Jesus suffer and die?
  15. Why was Jesus’ descent into hell a step in his exaltation?

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