The text for this lesson is Luke 8:22-25

Key Points

  • Jesus calmed the wind and waves to assure the disciples that He is the Savior and to strengthen their faith in Him. Jesus is with us in His Word, Baptism, and Holy Communion, assuring us that He is our Savior and strengthening our faith in Him through all the storms of life.
  • Law: Like the disciples, I am afraid when the storms of life beset me; I sometimes doubt that God is with me and will save me.
  • Gospel: Jesus gives me His Word, Holy Baptism, and His real presence in Holy Communion to assure me that He is my Savior and to strengthen my faith.

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Discussion Points

  1. How does the calming of the sea show Jesus’ power over sin? How does this miracle show God’s love?
  2. In what ways does Jesus demonstrate His divine and human natures in this text?
  3. Why should we remember Jesus’ power over the wind and waves?
  4. What are some spiritual dangers?
  5. When we encounter storms in our daily lives, where can we turn to or look for help?
  6. How do you know God is with you and will save you?
  7. How does knowing God is always with you help when you feel afraid?
  8. God did not want humans, His creation, to perish or be destroyed eternally, so He sent His Son, Jesus to perish for us. How did Jesus perish for us?
  9. Why did Jesus perish on our behalf?
  10. What does this mean for us?

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